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Obama1-081914.jpg President Barack Obama revealed Monday that he is dispatching Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri, amid ongoing violence in the St. Louis suburb. Obama said Holder will travel to Ferguson on Wednesday to meet with the FBI agents and Justice Department personnel conducting an investigation of the shooting death of Michael Brown.
randpaul-081514.jpg In response to the violent clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Missouri, Senator Rand Paul, R-Ken., has issued a call for the demilitarization of police in America.
CPIChart-081914.jpgConsumer prices saw only a modest increase in the month of July, according to a report released by the Labor Department on Tuesday, with higher prices for shelter and food offset by decreases in prices for energy and airline fares. The Labor Department said its consumer price index ticked up by 0.1 percent in July after rising by 0.3 percent in June.
New research shows that high intensity workouts are safe for heart transplant patients. The study, released online in the American Journal of Transplantation, included 16 stable heart transplant patients who'd had their new heart for more than a year, who continued their recommended moderate workouts while others did high-intensity exercise.
European stocks are seen opening largely unchanged on Wednesday following two days of gains. Amid a dearth of fresh triggers, focus will continue to be on the geopolitical developments in Ukraine, Gaza and Iraq. Risk sentiment is still seen fragile as fierce fighting continues between Ukrainian government...
With "The Expendables 3" struggling to find action audiences, both "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" had strong overall weekends, holding on to the top two spots at the box office despite plenty of new competition. As "The Expendables 3" opened to just $16 million, R-rated comedy "Let's Be Cops" finished the weekend as the number one new release.