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Obama-102314.jpg Following news of a shooting at the Canadian Parliament complex in Ottawa, President Barack Obama called Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Wednesday to express the American people's solidarity with their neighbors to the north.
DonYoung-102314.jpg Alaska Congressman Don Young, R-Ak., is once again making headlines with comments linking the state's high suicide rate to an increase in government assistance. Young told an audience at a senior center on Wednesday that the suicide problem didn't exist until there was "largesse" from the government.
A new study that was promoted on the Dr. Oz Show has been redacted because it contained unverified data. The study, about the supposed weight loss benefits of green coffee bean and published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, claimed that green coffee bean extract pills could help people shed excess pounds without having to diet or exercise.
The French market is trading weak on Friday, as investors exercised caution following some unimpressive corporate reports from the region that led to growth concerns, amid news of a possible Ebola case in New York City. On the economic front, German consumer climate for November improved unexpectedly,...
Swedish mobile network equipment maker Ericsson reported Friday a decline in the third-quarter profit, reflecting effects from hedge contracts and higher operating expenses. Sales, however, increased on strong performance in the Middle East, China, India and Russia, despite weak North American results.
Mango, one of the most popular tropical fruits, is said to be an excellent source of fiber, copper as well as vitamins C, A, folate and B6. Widely known in India as the King of Fruits, mango has many health benefits associated with it.
With "Fury" likely to fall from the number one position, Keanu Reeves-starring action flick "John Wick" will be looking to ride excellent reviews to the top of the box office this weekend, though it will have to surpass the opening of horror release "Ouija" to do so. Even without any star power, "Ouija" looks to be in good position with a PG-13 rating and an easy to understand concept.