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klain-101714.jpg While the administration initially resisted calls to appoint an Ebola "czar," President Barack Obama now reportedly plans to tap former White House official Ron Klain for the role. Klain previously served as chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and then-Vice President Al Gore and is said to be highly regarded at the White House.
Braley-Joni-101514.jpg With independent voters shifting to Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed that the Iowa Senate race is too close to call.
Athletes who consume sports drinks may be at a high risk of poor oral health, according to research conducted at the University College London. The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, surveyed data on 39 published studies on the oral health of elite athletes. "Oral health could be an easy win for athletes, as the oral conditions that can affect performance . . ."
Indian shares rose sharply on Monday, with auto, oil/gas, cement and banking stocks pacing the gainers, after the government announced deregulation of diesel prices and hiked natural gas prices, a move that will help the government reduce its subsidy burden. A strong showing of the Bharatiya Janata...
Mango, one of the most popular tropical fruits, is said to be an excellent source of fiber, copper as well as vitamins C, A, folate and B6. Widely known in India as the King of Fruits, mango has many health benefits associated with it.
After two weekends of "Gone Girl" leading the way, Brad Pitt's World War II drama "Fury" looks to have an excellent shot to make it to the top of the box office, extending Pitt's streak of strong performing R-rated dramas in recent years. Also getting launched this weekend will be animated "The Book of Life," though a subdued weekend seems likely for the Fox release.