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Drug Delivery By Remote Control Chip


A remote controlled chip implant which delivers regular doses of medicine to its implantee has been successfully tested in seven women.

The study participants were women who were remotely medicated by a bone-strengthening drug without them feeling a thing.

Co-author of the study, Robert Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speaking with Fox News, said the technology is reminiscent of science-fiction:

"It's like 'Star Trek. Just send a signal over a special radio wave, and out comes the drug."

Co-author Robert Farra added that the chips could have a wide range of applications:

"Patients with chronic diseases, regular pain-management needs or other conditions that require frequent or daily injections could benefit from this technology."

Yet another MIT researcher, Michael Cima, added that the innovation points to a future of "fully automated drug regimes."

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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