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Apple's New IPad A Hot Product In More Ways Than One


Discussions are heating up in Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) support forums and other Internet forums after the Consumer Reports said the new iPad 3 can run 'significantly hotter' than the earlier version of iPad 2 when running an action game.

According to the consumer watchdog that tests and reviews almost every consumer products, the new tablet computer, of which more than 3 million units were sold in just three days of launching, generated temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit after running Infinity Blade II for 45 minutes.

Using a thermal imaging camera, their engineers recorded the high temperatures on the front and rear of the new iPad when the device was propped on the iPad Smart Cover, plugged in. The device's 4G connection was not turned on, though its Wi-fi link was.

This is up to 13 degrees F hotter than the previous model under similar conditions, it said.

Consumer Reports' Donna Tapellini said, "During our tests, I held the new iPad in my hands. When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period."

Apple, meanwhile, has responded to the temperature complaints, reportedly saying that "The new iPad delivers a stunning Retina display, A5X chip, support for 4G LTE plus 10 hours of battery life, all while operating well within our thermal specifications." The company also urged its customers to contact AppleCare for any concerns.

Consumer Reports, in its findings, added that when doing the tests with the new iPad unplugged, the back of the device reached temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, as much as 12 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 did in the same tests.

The firm said the tests were done after many complaints about how hot the new iPad can get while doing processor-intensive tasks, such as gaming or downloads.

The ambient room temperature in tests was about 72 degrees, against Apple's recommendation of room temperature cut off of 95 degrees.

Apple's website lists the normal operating range for the iPad between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is below or above the range, it might temporarily shorten battery life or cause the device to temporarily stop working properly, the company warns. Apple also noted in its site that when using the device or charging the battery, it is normal for it to get warm.

Consumer Reports' latest findings follow an earlier thermal imaging test reportedly done by Dutch site Tweakers. They had found that the new iPad reached temperatures of 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit after five minutes of running a GLBenchmark test.

by Wayne 1RTTNews Staff Writer

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