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Positive Drug Tests Rise Amongst Federal Safety Workers


The new stricter drug testing policies upheld by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Health and Human Services have turned up startling results. According to a new report released by testing firm Quest Diagnostics, there has been an increase in positive tests for both cocaine and amphetamines.

In their report, Quest revealed that positive results for cocaine use increased by 33 percent while positive amphetamine results jumped by 26 percent. And while these results may seem like a drastic jump, the company suggests that it could be result of better quality testing and a lower acceptable cutoff point as mandated by the federal government.

"The risk to public safety can heighten dramatically when that person is flying the plane we're boarding, operating the train or bus we take to work, taking our children to school, or transporting the products we buy across the country," said Dr. Barry Sample, Director of Science and Technology for Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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