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Glee To Do The Who's Tommy?


Glee has planned a tribute to the Who's classic rock opera Tommy which, as the Chicago Tribune reports, may run for a full hour as the Born This Way Lady Gaga episode previously did.

The plot of Tommy centers on a deaf, mute and blind boy who, traumatized by his parents murdering his mother's lover, becomes a whiz at pinball and the object of a religious cult.

There has been, as yet, no word on a potential air date.

Last summer Roger Daltrey took Tommy on the road for a production which did not feature Pete Townshend on guitar.

"My Tommy is much more like the original conception," he told Rolling Stone at the time. "It's more like the Who were on record than we ever were on stage. It's interesting to hear it in its pure form with all the backing vocals and other instruments."

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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