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3D 'Titanic' Will Play Unedited In India


Censorship authorities in India have reportedly ruled to allow the famous "drawing scene" in the new 3D release of James Cameron's "Titanic." The scene was previously barred in the country for its nudity and sexual content.

In the scene Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson makes a nude sketch of Kate Winslet's character Rose DeWitt Bukater. According to hollywoodreporter.com, India's film bureau has allowed the 3D film to show in cinema's without at alterations, giving it the equivalent of a PG-13 rating.

The 3D rendering is set to open on April 5 and adaptations have been made for the Indian audience in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu. Cameron recently spoke on the film's re-release, telling reporters:

"The big thrill of it isn't just the 3D, it's bringing it back to the big screen, where it has a lot more emotional impact."

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