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Paul McCartney Says 'The Next Beatles' Label Is The 'Kiss Of Death'


Paul McCartney says that being billed as "the next Beatles" is a "kiss of death" for a band.

McCartney made the statement when asked about fresh-faced U.K. act One Direction, who recently did something even the Beatles never achieved - debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard chart.

"That is the kiss of death," he said. "So many bands have been called the next Beatles. It puts an awful lot of pressure on them to be the next Beatles. Oasis were the next Beatles once if you remember, you know, and it's a pressure and suddenly you have to live up to all the things we did. It was a different time, you know, so let's just call them the next terrific band."

"But [One Direction] are doing well in America, so that is good. Good luck lads!"

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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