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Taller Women At Greater Risk For Ovarian Cancer

Taller women are more susceptible to ovarian cancer, according to a study by the University of Oxford. For every two inches of extra height, cancer incidence increases by seven percent.

Researchers examined 47 studies which surveyed over 25,000 women with ovarian cancer and 80,000 women without for the study.

It is speculated that the correlation is owed to the greater number of cells in tall women, or a greater preponderance of growth hormones.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women; however, researchers added that tall women should not be overly concerned as the chances of getting ovarian cancer are relatively few in the first place.

"Women can reduce their risk of this and many other diseases by keeping to a healthy weight. For women trying to lose weight, the best method is to eat healthily, eat smaller amounts and be more physically active." said Sarah Williams, health information officer at Cancer Research UK, which funded the work.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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