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'Total Recall' Trailer Looks Like Familiar Spin


"Total Recall," August 3rd (Sony):

Following the big action releases of the summer, remake "Total Recall" hits theaters this August looking to attract some fans of the Arnold Schwarzenegger original.

Instead of the Governator, this time around we have Colin Farrell in the futuristic tale about a man looking for a new kind of thrilling vacation, only to get more than he bargains for.

Just like the original, the trailer shows our hero applying for a type of dream vacation that allows him to escape his own monotonous reality, leading to plenty of action and chaos when he turns into a deadly secret agent.

Based on a short story from Philip K. Dick, the master sci-fi scribe who wrote the material for "Minority Report" and "Blade Runner," "Total Recall" seems to be playing to the widest possible action audience.

Hollywood has frequently turned Dick's futuristic morality tales into action movies, and this time around seems no different.

"Total Recall" also stars Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, though it's definitely a star vehicle for Farrell, who also co-starred alongside Tom Cruise in "Minority Report."

While the original "Total Recall" was as laughable as you would expect from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, it was also one of his most unique and well liked, which could help get the remake off the ground this August.

The trailer for "Total Recall" can be viewed at the movie's official site.

Box office potential:

A release in early August isn't exactly a vote of confidence from Sony, as studios prefer to release their big action movies between May and the end of July.

Still, "Total Recall" at least has somewhat of a built-in fan base and has some real commercial potential if it can gather some positive buzz heading into its release. If fans dismiss it early, however, "Total Recall" could fizzle in theaters.

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