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Salmonella Outbreak Traced To Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna

Salmonella Outbreak Traced To Frozen Yellow Fin Tuna

The FDA has traced what they are calling a "multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly" back to a frozen yellow fin tuna product from California's Moon Marine. Reps from the agency broke the news on Friday, saying that sushi consumers should be cautious.

"We have traced the illness back to certain lots of tuna scrape from Moon Marine," said the FDA's Curtis Allen in a statement. "There could still be some out there, but we hope it won't be out there for long."

The specific product in question in called "Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA" and is the meat scraped from the back section of a tuna. It is commonly used in sushi items like spicy tuna rolls. Moon Marine has voluntarily began pulling 58,828 pounds of the fish from the market place after 116 cases of salmonella have been reported all over the US.

The FDA adds the consumers should "take precautions in choosing to eat raw Nakaochi Scrape and be sure that it is not from the implicated lots. ... Consumers should take precautions when choosing to eat raw seafood. When in doubt, don't eat it."

by RTT Staff Writer

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