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New Research Casts Doubt On Use Of Antidepressants In Autism


Studies which suggested that antidepressants may help children with autism have been called into question. A new review in the journal Pediatrics says that the pro-antidepressant studies were taken up by doctors too hastily.

The review noted that five studies, which noted the benefits of SSRIs in autistic patients, had not been balanced out by five contemporaneous unpublished studies, the results of which noted no benefits.

"When we realized there were as many unpublished studies with data as there were published studies providing data, it was definitely a little frustrating," says researcher Melisa Carrasco, PhD, a graduate of the neuroscience program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The review was not able to discover why the information from the five unpublished journals was not made available, but added that "the effects of SRI treatment in [autism spectrum disorder] are considerably overrated because of publication bias."

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