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RNC Unveils 'Hype And Blame' Anti-Obama Slogan


The Republican National Committee hit the ground running Thursday with the unveiling of its new general election slogan - 'Hype and Blame.' Based on President Obama's 2008 campaign slogan 'Hope and Change,' the GOP leadership is hoping to shift talk among voters to failures in the President's economic record.

"Last week, President Barack Obama's campaign officials announced on a conference call the first 'official' campaign stops of the 2012 race. There was, however, something notably absent from their discussion: a positive rationale for Obama's candidacy," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a Thursday POLITICO op-ed.

"The omission was revealing: Obama's campaign is about nothing...If he had anything resembling a successful record, he would run on that. He would accept the fact that this election is a referendum on his policies."

Democratic National Committee Spokesman Melanie Roussell quickly shot back, saying, "If you listen to Mitt Romney, the RNC or their surrogates on any given day, the slogan of their campaign should be 'Distort and Distract'."

The new campaign, with its slogan soon to be available in bumper sticker form, is aimed at "[exposing Obama's] 'hype and blame' campaign over the next several months and you're going to be seeing a roll out of that over the next few days," Priebus said in a conference call Thursday morning. The call also featured the RNC Chairmen of Ohio and Virginia, two states in which the GOP plans to heavily push the campaign.

"Everything he promised Ohio, everything he promised to do and promised to be, he has discarded," RNC Ohio Chairman Bob Bennett said.

"Virginians are rejecting his agenda, his one-size fits all policies and his desperate, disastrous politics. 'Hope and change' was nothing more than empty rhetoric," added Virginia RNC Chairman Pat Mullins.

Meanwhile this week, President Obama continued to court the female vote, releasing Thursday a new "Women for Obama" bumper sticker on his campaign website.

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