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Vince Gill Calls Modern Country Music 'Mind-Numbing'


Vince Gill says he has lost faith in the standards for popular country music today. During a recent interview with Pittsburgh's Post-Gazette Vince says he'd love to stay relevant as a country artist, but there is some subject matter he simply won't touch.

"For me, [country music] lost its traditional bent pretty severely," he says. "I would love to hear someone write a song like 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' rather than 'You're hot. I'm hot. We're in a truck.' It's just mind-numbing to me."

Vince adds that the trouble is not only with the songs being put into the world today, but also the manner in which fans consume music:

"Income streams are dwindling. Record sales aren't what they used to be," he notes. "The devaluation of music and what it's now deemed to be worth is laughable to me. My single costs 99 cents. That's what a [single] cost in 1960. On my phone, I can get an app for 99 cents that makes fart noises -- the same price as the thing I create and speak to the world with. Some would say the fart app is more important. It's an awkward time. Creative brains are being sorely mistreated."

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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