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Children Burnt After School Refuses To Apply Sunscreen


Two children, Violet and Zoe Michener, received extreme sunburns after their school would not allow them to apply sunscreen. The girls, who have a form of albinism, were the victims of a Washington state law which prevents the use of the lotion in schools without a promissory note.

"Because so many additives in lotions and sunscreens cause allergic reaction in children, you have to really monitor that," Dan Voelpel, Tacoma School District Spokesman, told ABC News.

Jessie Michener, the girls' mother, said she had to rush them to the hospital when they returned home from school.

"It was horrifying to see (Violet's) bright red face. There were welts, she was swollen and then I saw Zoe's shoulders. It was absolutely painful and gut-wrenching to look at. I was horrified," she told MSNBC.

Following the ordeal, Michener wrote about the incident on her blog, sparking a national response and prompting an apology from the school. The incident has also called into question the banning of allowing school officials to use the lotion on students. Only California allows sunscreen to be given and administered without parental permission.

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