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Billy Corgan Criticizes Music Industry's 'Dumbing Down Principle'


Billy Corgan accused the record industry of operating on what he calls "a dumbing down principle," in a recent interview with GMA News.

"It's incredible to me how sophisticated people really are when you give them the opportunity to be sophisticated," he said. "[But] the music business essentially operates on . . . 'How dumb do we have to go to sell this record to the most people?'"

The outspoken Smashing Pumpkins frontman went out of his way in the interview to criticize the material the industry churns out and the stars it supports.

"For the most part the charts are dominated by music that's essentially dumbed down in melody, style, tone, texture, and message . . ."

Corgan concluded that "I just think that's the worst thing for rock and roll."

His disdain for the record industry hasn't stopped Smashing Pumpkins from releasing a new album, called Oceania.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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