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New Polls Show Obama Up In Romney Home State, Swing States


President Barack Obama has taken a decisive lead in Virginia and Wisconsin while he maintains a smaller lead in a series of other swing states. According to new polling data, the president has also widened his lead in Mitt Romney's home state of Massachusetts.

Obama gained the widest margin from Romney in the swing states of Virginia and Wisconsin, a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday showed. The president has widened his lead to 50-46 percent in Virginia and 51-45 percent in Wisconsin.

The numbers will necessarily be a blow to the Romney campaign, who hoped to pick up a few points in Wisconsin by choosing native son Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate.

The same poll showed Obama had also taken the lead in Colorado at 48-47 percent, reversing an August poll showing Romney ahead 50-45 percent in the vital state.

This number will most likely remain in flux, especially leading up to and in the immediate days after the first presidential debate to take place at the University of Denver on October 3.

Another poll released Wednesday from Gallup also showed the president ahead in a slew of swing states, from which the poll took an amalgam of the data gathered.

Instead of looking state-to-state, the Gallup/USA Today poll took data of voter sentiment from Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin as a block.

Together, voters from these 12 swing states are also leaning in favor of the president's re-election, although the combined force of the states shows a smaller lead of 48-46 percent.

"The fact that the swing-state vote is competitive, with at least a slight advantage for Obama each month since March, may mean Obama is currently in a stronger position to win than is Romney," a Gallup press release stated.

"That current advantage could be erased, however, if Republicans vote at higher rates than Democrats, as is usually the case, and if Romney can convince proportionately more undecided and persuadable voters in swing states than Obama can to support his candidacy in the remaining weeks of the campaign."

The most lucrative states by electoral vote are Florida, with 29, and Ohio, with 18. Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin all have 10 or more with red-leaning North Carolina at 15.

On a more personal note for Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor continues to poll poorly in his home state, with only 39 percent support according to Public Policy polling.

Conversely, 57 percent of Massachusettians said they plan to vote for Obama in November. On the economy - an issue that usually shows the two men neck-and-neck - 55 percent of those polled in Massachusetts trust the president on this issue compared with 41 percent for Romney.

A similar POLITICO poll also has Obama ahead, but by a smaller margin of 55.5-36.3 percent.

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