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IPad Mini LTE And Fourth Gen IPad Hit Stores

IPad Mini LTE And Fourth Gen IPad Hit Stores

Apple has confirmed that their LTE-equipped iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad are now available in stores. According to a report from CNET, both tablets are available through AT&T and Sprint stores, though there is no word yet from Verizon.

Fared Adib, senior vice president, Product Development of Sprint broke the news of their release in a press statement saying:

"iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad, combined with Sprint's 4G LTE network and our aggressively priced rate plans, offer customers an outstanding tablet experience. Sprint doesn't put its customers on shared pricing plans like some carriers. With Sprint you get the best pricing for all the data you need without the worry of overages."

Pricing for the iPad Mini LTE ranges from $459 to $659 and the fourth-generation iPad with LTE ranges from $629 to $829.

by RTT Staff Writer

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