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Generic Lipitor Halts Production Due To Glass Concern


Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc. has halted production on a generic version of the cholesterol medication Lipitor after tiny shards of glass were found in some tablets. The FDA broke news this morning, confirming that the company will launch an inquiry into their drug Atorvastatin.

"Consumers who are concerned that they may have received a recalled product should consult with their pharmacist where they bought the product to confirm whether they received a recalled product, should stop taking the product if it was recalled, and should consult with their pharmacist or physician about how to obtain an alternative product," the FDA said in a statement.

Thus far Ranbaxy has not issued a statement on the matter but Dr. Edward Boyer of the University of Massachusetts Medical School told ABCnews.com that consumers shouldn't be afraid if they have take the drug:

"This is not truly a threat to people's health," Dr. Boyer said. "Eating a pill that contains numerous particles of glass a millimeter in size or less is akin to eating a pill that contains small bits of sand in it."

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