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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy May Improve Depression


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may decrease the symptoms of depression says a new study from researchers at Scotland's University of Glasgow. For the study the researchers examined 469 depression patients from around the U.K.

Half of the group took a normal course of anti-depressants while the other half also began CBT. After six months they found that 46 percent of those who had CBT reported a 50 percent improvement in their symptoms. This is compared to 22 percent of patients who reported at least a 50 percent improvement with drugs alone.

"The research used a CBT intervention alongside treatment with anti-depressants. It confirms how these approaches - the psychological and physical - can complement each other. It was also encouraging because we found the approach worked to good effect across a wide range of people of different ages and living in a variety of settings."

The data was published this week in the Lancet.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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