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Five Patients Infected After Heart Surgeon's Glove Breaks

Five Patients Infected After Heart Surgeon's Glove Breaks

A surgeon at Mount Cedars-Sinai Medical Center gave heart infections to at least five patients after his glove broke during surgery. Each of the five patients suffered the heart infection known as endocarditis and four were forced to return to the hospital for another surgery.

Reps from the hospital confirmed the news in an official statement and condemned the incidents:

"Because our ultimate goal is to have zero hospital acquired-infections, any hospital-acquired infection at Cedars-Sinai is unacceptable," a hospital statement read.

Dr. Mark Adelman, the chief of vascular surgeon at NYU Langone Medical Center, added that it's a potentially deadly infection:

"Endocarditis in general is a problem in that it describes an infection inside the heart, and when we have an infection inside the heart, bacteria from the infection is pumped all over. It's a particularly bad infection."

by RTT Staff Writer

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