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Amazon Launches Instant Video App For IOS

Amazon Launches Instant Video App For IOS

Amazon has announced a new app that will bring its Instant Video service to Apple's iOS devices. The app will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to stream films that are rented and purchased through Amazon's streaming site.

The announcement comes just days after another shakeup in the streaming video world, with RedBox announcing its own online service. The physical DVD rental service has previously only offered rentals to customers through their self-serve automated rental boxes.

"Amazon Instant Video is now playing on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch," Amazon confirmed of their new app in an official statement. "Videos you've purchased or rented with Amazon Instant Video will show up instantly on your Apple device once you download and sign into the app. Amazon Prime members can stream titles from the entire Prime Instant Video library."

by RTT Staff Writer

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