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Apple's Tim Cook Named TIME's Person Of The Year Runner-Up

Apple's Tim Cook Named TIME's Person Of The Year Runner-Up

Apple CEO Tim Cook was named the runner up in this year's Time Person of the Year issue. He came in second only behind President Barack Obama and the magazine says he deserves credit for his work with the tech giant since taking over for the late Steve Jobs.

"He inherited the most valuable company in the world from one of the greatest innovators in history. In 2012 he made Apple his own," reads a description of Cook from Time.

It's been an historic run for Cook in his short tenure as Apple CEO. The company has seen record stock prices following the successful launch of the iPhone 5 and three new editions of the iPad. His time has not been without criticism, however, as the company's overhauled Maps app flopped miserably.

by RTT Staff Writer

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