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FourSquare Ties Up With NASA To Let Curiosity Rover 'check-in' On Mars


NASA's Mars Rover is now the 'Foursquare mayor' of two areas on Mars, Gale Crater and Rocknest. The information was posted from the account of NASA's rover on Twitter and is the result of a collaboration between NASA and Foursquare.

Users on Foursquare become 'mayors' of venues if they check into the place more than anyone else during a time span of 60 days. Curiosity made its first check-in on October 3rd , making it the first four square check-in on another planet.

Right after it landed on the Mars in August, the rover has been fairly active on other platforms of social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. Throughout its 23-month exploration of Mars, the Rover will continue to check in and share updates on Foursquare. Users can explore the red planet with NASA by simply 'liking' the the Mars Rover's page on the social networking website.

FourSquare introduced users to a new badge to honor this partnership with the space agency and its Rover. Users can win this "Curiosity Explorer" badge by liking NASA on Foursquare and then checking in at science museums, planetariums, or NASA visitor centers.

During the course of its 23 month expedition, the rover will conduct several experiments to try and track down traces of past microbial life, and share pictures and updates along the way.

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