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Cancer Eating Stems Cells Could Yield New Treatment Option


A new form of cancer eating stem cells could be revolutionary for cancer treatment says a team of researchers from Japan's RIKEN Research Centre for Allergy and Immunology. According to the team, they have engineered a new form of cancer specific T-cells that could be injected into a patient to attack cancer.

To create the new cells, lead researcher Dr. Hiroshi Kawamoto and his team reprogrammed induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) that were already in development to attack skin cancer:

"This strategy may solve the problem which the current immunotherapy strategies are facing, and thus would make a major breakthrough in cancer therapy. The next step will be to test whether these T cells can selectively kill tumour cells but not other cells in the body," he explained.

They add that if the treatment works, it could come into practice sooner than later:

"If they do, these cells might be directly injected into patients for therapy. This could be realised in the not-so-distant future."

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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