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More Sleep With Old Age Could Ease Memory Loss

More Sleep With Old Age Could Ease Memory Loss

Increasing quality sleep with old age could help slow memory loss, says a new study from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. For the study the researcher team tested a total of 36 people, half in their twenties and half in their seventies.

They found that, in general, younger test subjects had better quality of sleep and performed better on memory tests than older subjects. According to lead researcher Dr. Matthew Walker, there is deep connection between old age, sleep loss and memory loss:

"Taken all together, the deterioration of the brain leads to the deterioration of sleep to the deterioration of memory. Slow wave sleep is critically important for cementing new memories you've recently learned. It's like clicking the save button. It's especially depressing as I continue to get older, but there might be a silver lining," he says.

The data appears in the journal Neuroscience.

by RTT Staff Writer

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