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Extended Use Of Breast Cancer Drug Could Produce Better Results


Extended use of Tamoxifen could be beneficial to breast cancer patients, says a new study from researchers at Oxford University in England. The industry leading drug is usually prescribed for a five-year period, but new data suggested a longer time frame could be better.

For the study researchers reviewed data collected as part of the Adjuvant Tamoxifen: Longer Against Shorter study beginning in 1996. The subjects were broken into five-year and ten-year groups. They found that those women who took the drug for ten years had a significantly lower risk of both recurrence and death.

"While you do get more side effects long term, the benefits significantly outweighed the side effects," said lead researcher Dr. Rosemary Leeming. "The risk of recurrence was significantly reduced. So was the risk of dying."

"Whether it's five additional years of tamoxifen or five years of another anti-estrogen drug, we may find that the long-term benefits are there," Leeming said.

The data appears this month in the Lancet and the study was partially funded by Tamoxifen maker AstraZeneca.

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