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Millennial Generation Report Highest Stress Levels Of American Adults


America's young adults may have significantly higher stress rates than old adults, says a new study from researchers at the American Psychological Association. The group collected data as part of their annual "Stress in America" poll.

For the poll they surveyed over 2,000 adults age 18 and older about their average stress levels. They found that those in the 18-33 age group reported an average of 5.4 out of 10 on stress surveys. This is compared to a national average of 4.9.

"You have a cohort of individuals who, other than people who were young during the Great Depression, are coming of age during the worst economic times in our history," said lead researcher Dr. Norman Anderson. "We think that in terms of contemporary pressures facing society, younger people are just struggling a little more."

Anderson continues on to suggest that those with unusually high stress should attempt to alleviate their symptoms when possible:

"Look at the things in your environment or routine that tend to cause excess stress and do what you can to modify them," he said. "Avoid certain situations if you can — or if you can't, talk to a psychologist about ways to cope with them effectively. The main thing is, when people are faced with these sources of stress, they do have options."

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