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Acupuncture Helps Ease Allergies?

Individuals with certain allergic symptoms may get temporary relief from acupuncture. A study recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested that the treatment seems to have some effect on allergic rhinitis, or inflammation of the nasal airways due to pollen dust or animal dander.

Researchers at the Charite-University Medical Center in Berlin split 422 people into two groups. The first got real acupuncture, while the second got fake acupuncture. In the study, 71% of the individuals in the first group reported a significant drop in symptoms, compared with 56% in the second group.

However, the researchers noted that after the acupuncture treatment ended, allergy symptoms returned, even for those who showed improvement initially. They recommend allergy sufferers consider mixing acupuncture with pharmaceutical solutions.

According to MedPage, Jongbae Park of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said that the results look promising for alternative medicine:

"By receiving acupuncture, patients could reduce that amount of antihistamine, plus increase the quality of life."

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