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Powerful Cyber Attack Slows Down World Wide Web


Internet has been hit by the biggest cyber attack in the history, resulting in significant slow down worldwide. A row between a spam-fighting group and a Dutch hosting firm triggered attacks, which went on to affect the World Wide Web. Cyber police departments of several countries are now investigating these attacks.

The massive attack against the Spamhaus Project Ltd., a nonprofit group based in both London and Geneva, that tracks down 4spammers, slowed down a small portion of the worldwide traffic on the Web to a crawl.

In response, Spamhaus accused Cyberbunker, a Dutch Web-hosting company, of being behind these attacks. The organization believes that the Dutch company was responsible for coordinating a distributed denial-of-service attack against it, according to a report by BBC. In such attacks, multiple servers send simultaneous requests to the target's Web servers, thereby causing an overload, which results in a crash.

Experts believe that Spamhaus, which distributes lists of spammers to security firms and others around the world, got on the bad side of the Cyberbunker after listing it as a spammer.

Cyberbunker is known by many as a bulletproof host, as the company willingly hosts all kinds of files, despite the content being illegal. However, the company has said that it refuses to host child pornography and material related to terrorism.

However, experts are of the view many of these DNS servers haven't been configured properly, thus allowing them to be venerable to being used in these kinds of attacks. The security community is now working on fixing these problems and strengthening servers around Internet.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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