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Katy Perry Following Mushroom Diet


Katy Perry follows an unusual 14-day mushroom diet designed to help women lose weight without losing heft in their breasts.

"I love mushrooms. I could eat a ton of them," Perry told OK! magazine, calling the fungus her favorite food.

The so-called M-Plan requires that its subject to replace lunch or dinner with a mushroom-centric dish. Nutritionist Jeannette Jackson explained the logic of the diet to the Daily Mail:

"If we eat more mushrooms, it's likely that less high calorie foods will be consumed throughout the day over all because of the vegetable's powerful nutritional values."

"The dietary fibre in mushrooms helps promote good bowel function leaving you feeling more satisfied, so you won't be hungry again as quickly, preventing you from snacking."

Other celebs using the diet include Kelly Osbourne and Roxanne Pallett.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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