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Spike Lee Speaks On Kickstarter


Spike Lee recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his upcoming film and opened up about critics who claim the fundraising platform should be off limits to well established artists. Speaking with the blog Film Courage, Lee explained that bigger names only help promote the artist-friendly fundraising method.

"We were doing Kickstarter before there was Kickstarter. We just didn't have the technology. I'm bringing people to Kickstarter who never even heard of Kickstarter; I'm talking [about] a lot of people of color who've never heard of Kickstarter, who've never made a pledge on Kickstarter," he said.

He went on to blast the haters that jabbed at Zach Braff and the producers of the upcoming "Veronica Mars" film for using Kickstarter:

"So I really think it's a fallacy, it's a misconception, and it's just plain-out wrong, with a capital W, that because someone puts $5 on my film . . . that was $5 that a young filmmaker was going to get. That logic does not follow through. There's concrete evidence with what Mr. Thomas did with Veronica Mars and what Zach did will his film, the majority of people who back those things had never been on Kickstarter before. But I think those people backed films after that, once they were made the introduction to Kickstarter."

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