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Sodium Intake May Be Controlled By Brain, Not Just Salt Consumption


Researchers at UC Davis have added their voices to a growing number of researchers claiming that sodium intake is dictated by networks in the brain and not by the amount of salt we eat.

Researchers examined surveys conducted by 69,000 researchers from 45 countries over 50 years. They found that sodium intake ranges have remained relatively constant over the last 50 years despite claims from many nutritionists that sodium levels are increasing.

Lead researcher David McCarron noted that the amount sodium consumed by all participants throughout the studied stayed constant between 2,600 and 4,800 mg.

"Our data clearly demonstrate that humans' sodium (salt) intake is regulated within a relatively narrow 'normal' range that is defined by the body's physiology and biological need rather than by the food supply," McCarron said.

He added, therefore, that government agencies should reconsider their strict guidelines of 1500 mg of sodium daily.

"If future nutritional guidelines are to be effective," he said, "they must be based on the scientific reality reflected in these data, which have documented that a normal range for human sodium intake exists. Sodium intake will not be changed by altering the salt content of food products or other public-policy attempts to limit sodium consumption."

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