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Gene Simmons Calls Peter Criss And Ace Frehley 'Losers'


When KISS bassist Gene Simmons spoke with Rolling Stone to support the new KISS book, Nothin' to Lose, he took the opportunity to also lash out at his former bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

"I won't stand for drunks and alcoholics who get up on stage and consider it their birthright," he began.

He added: "I consider it a privilege to get up there and arrive on time and be sober, and I'll be an a-hole to anybody who thinks otherwise. You know who else is an a-hole? Your teacher was an a-hole. Your parents are a-holes. Your drill sergeant was an a-hole. Because they wouldn't let you get away with s—."

"Ace and Peter have had a lifetime of being losers. And not just with drugs and alcohol. They're losers because of wrong decisions. You sleep in the bed you make. How many chances in life do you get? They were in and out of the band three different times. Why should they get another chance?"

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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