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New Method To Detect Brain Tumors In 30 Minutes


Cancer researchers say they have created a new and easier technique to diagnose brain tumors in just a half hour. Traditionally, testing for brain tumors require intrusive surgery to acquire a tissue sample for testing that can take two to three days to complete. The new method is a simple blood test that yields results much quicker and allows the patient to avoid both the physical trauma and mental anxiety that have usually accompanied brain tumor testing in the past.

The new method was developed by investigators from the University of Central Lancashire in the U.K. Dr. Matthew Baker, the study's author, explains in a statement that "The result we have achieved is a milestone and has the ability to revolutionize the clinical environment by providing objective measures for diagnoses, enabling increased efficiency and economic impact upon the health services."

The researchers analyzed blood samples that had been donated by 49 brain cancer patients, alongside 25 patients without the cancer. The team used infrared light to detect molecular differences between cancer and non-cancer samples.

Dr. Baker continued: "We hope this will also help to relieve some of the emotional stress patients experience waiting for test results."

Their findings were published in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

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