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Marijuana Use In Washington State Is Double Initial Estimate, Says Study

Marijuana Use In Washington State Is Double Initial Estimate, Says Study

As Washington state prepares to open marijuana retail stores to the public in 2014, a study conducted by RAND Corp. to understand the size and composition of the current marijuana market has revealed new data.

According to the study, marijuana consumption in the state likely will range from 135 metric tons to 225 metric tons during 2013, with 175 metric tons as the median estimate. The new estimate is twice as large as 85 metric tons that the Washington Office of Financial Management previously had estimated for 2013.

Washington's three most-populous counties namely King, Snohomish and Pierce, account for about half of all marijuana use, says the RAND study.

Insights about marijuana consumption help state policymakers make decisions about the number of marijuana sales licenses to issue, to accurately project tax revenues and provide a foundation for evaluations of the state's legalization of recreational marijuana, reveals the RAND report.

Washington and Colorado are the two states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use while 20 states and District of Columbia permit medical marijuana.

by RTT Staff Writer

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