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BRight Switch Offers To Replace Light Switches With Tablets


bRight Switch, a project that has just raised $128,905 at Indiegogo, offers a heavily technology-integrated solution for switching lights on and off at your homes. Now you can gently put conventional light switches to rest and replace them with touchscreen tablets which are also designed for using the intercom, Pandora and Skype.

The company behind the project is Bellatrix Systems, which touts the bRight Switch as the next generation of wall technology. Sensing your motions inside the house, the device can automatically turn the lights off when you leave the room or turn them on when you come in. As it runs on an Android platform the technology has the ability to learn your behavior patterns and manipulate the lights accordingly.

The Indiegogo page for bRight Switch showcases an elegant interface on a capacitative touchscreen that offers a toggle to set the brightness of you room and options for Skype, Pandora, Intercom and security. You can also set wake-up alarms, the temperature, and messages.

The security features could prove to be useful. One can view live or recorded video (assuming you have cameras installed at in your home) on the tablet display, with an option to send a message and a frozen image to your phone when the alarm goes off.

The company offers two versions of bRight Switch: one without Bluetooth at a retail price of $100 and one with Bluetooth priced at $125. The former model uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, and the latter, named bRight Switch BLUE, has all the features included in the former model, but comes with upgraded electronics by 3-way installations, Bluetooth and three different colored rings. In addition, bRight Swutch BLUE can link with external speakers for providing you full spectrum sounds.

Interestingly, the company will be supplying an open API, or Application Programming Interface to encourage developers to create new applications. The advantage of an open API is it can help build a wider range of applications for the user of the device.

One question that might have occurred to you by now is how install this bRight Switch. The developers put it bluntly - "If you can install a light switch, you can install bRight Switch." Or, the company says, you can call an electrician.

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