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FireChat For IOS 7 Allows Chat Without Internet Access

FireChat For IOS 7 Allows Chat Without Internet Access

A new iPhone app FireChat from the San Francisco-based start-up Open Garden uses the multipeer connectivity framework that Apple introduced in iOS 7 to let users chat with each other, reports indicate. Without using Internet connections, the framework connects Apple devices directly through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

What this means is FireChat users can message even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection available. And with the multi-hop connection technology built into the app, every user that logs on to the service adds to the range of the service. In places with poor or no Internet access, this platform could prove useful. 

The service will work for anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, assuming the device runs on iOS 7. The success of FireChat will largely depend on the level of user adoption.

by RTT Staff Writer

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