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Beware! Noise Could Kill You


Though we usually neglect sounds around us, there is a high risk involved with high decibel noise. Annoyance and sleep issues are the most common impacts of sound pollution, but in certain cases, it can turn fatal.

Older people are more disposed to risks from sound. Exposure to high sound could cause increased blood pressure, hearing impairment, stroke and even death.

An extensive study in U.K. has shown that people aged more than 70 and exposed to sound of more than 60 decibels are more prone to stroke. Those who are living in a noisy condition such as under a flight path, near a rail line or road with heavy traffic can catch central obesity, an increase of harmful fat around the waist.

A few months back, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark has shown that one in five strokes in urban areas could be due to noise pollution. Higher exposure to high levels of aircraft sound could lead to heart diseases compared to areas with less noise.

When we are inside a car on the road, we are exposed to 85-decibel sound, while a jet engine at 100 feet can cause 140 decibels. Power mower at 3 feet produces 110 decibels while rock music peak is 150 decibel.

Researchers at the Imperial's Department of Aeronautics have been trying to develop innovative models to reduce sound from aircraft engines. They created computer models to study air turbulence from new- gen aircraft. Researchers have found that plane engines with serrated nozzle can split large parcels of air and thus making the plane quieter. The serration helps in breaking up sounds to zigzag shaped packets.

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