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Chrome 57 Should Prolong Battery Life


Google is ready to throttle background tabs in its Chrome 57 version to check battery life. Background tabs usually need more energy and consume up to a third of Chrome's power.

Earlier in September Google has revealed its efforts to throttle badly behaved pages such as JavaScript ads, analytic scripts, etc. Such pages would consume a lot of CPU even when they are at the background, affecting browser performance and battery life.

Google has planned to allocate or budget each web-view in seconds for running timers in the background. If a background tab has live budgeted seconds then it will be allowed to use the CPU. Whenever the budget expires its access to CPU will be seized.

However, certain tabs such as music tabs, messengers, etc are exempted and it will be always considered as a foregrounded. WebSockets and WebRTC and such real-time connections applications are also exempted. Timers are usually JavaScript functions.

Google said that web developers should be aware that a lot of tabs can have serious effect on power usage and battery life. The tech giant instructed developers that the work in the background should be kept to a minimum, unless it is absolutely necessary to provide a particular user experience.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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