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Google Earth Comes Back With Guided Tours


Google has redesigned Google Earth, bringing guided tours and 3D view to Chrome browsers and Android devices.

Google's service, known for showing satellite imagery, topography and 3D buildings, introduced new mobile-friendly features on Tuesday allowing users to see 3D maps of specific locations, and to learn about random places around the world.

Google Earth is partnering with organizations like BBC Planet Earth, NASA, Sesame Street and the Jane Goodall Institute for interactive guided tours.

Google Earth's guided tours, led by scientists, documentarians, and other experts, are interactive, helping users learn about the world. According to Google, more than 50 tours are available already, under the service's new Voyager section.

The service includes video journeys to six different habitats produced by BBC Earth, and a kid-friendly jaunt to Mexico with Sesame Street muppet Lola, to learn about Mayan ruins.

An I'm Feeling Lucky button that features 20,000 curated places also adds to the new service, suggesting unique locations. While clicking the button, the service will take users somewhere unexpected, from opera houses in Italy to hot springs in Japan, and also will show a knowledge card of interesting facts. The users can see the location in three dimensions in one's browser or on mobile device, using the service's new 3D feature.

Google Earth also suggests Points of Interest based on what the users searched for on the past.

The new Google Earth is now available in Chrome or on Android, and will be coming to iOS and other browsers in the future. Google said the revamping of Google Earth was in making for two years.

Gopal Shah, Google Earth product manager, reportedly said, "Google Maps is for finding your way. Google Earth is for getting lost. Google Maps is sort of my personal assistant to get me around a place...[With] Google Earth we want to take you where you're not...It's about exploring the world."

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