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We're In The Middle Of A Vanilla Shortage


Vanilla, the much needed flavor for ice creams and other food stuffs, is severely in short supply for want of enough natural vanilla beans, that sends the prices astronomically high.

CBS News reported that vanilla, which is in demand by Ice cream shops, bakeries and liquor producers, across the world, now costs more than $200 per pound, in comparison to as low as $11 per pound in 2011.

The world is running out of the special ingredient, due to droughts and cyclones that has wiped out 30 percent of the crop. Most of the world's vanilla beans are grown in African island Madagascar, where it grows naturally and gets pollinated by natural pollinators. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice, next to saffron.

In addition, armed vanilla bandits are said to rip the vines out of the ground, and farmers pick and sell immature pods resulting in poor quality.

A Canadian vanilla distributor reportedly said, "The 2017 Madagascar crop could very well be the worst quality crop delivered to the market in decades. How can we advise anybody to buy historically poor quality vanilla at 25 times the price they paid for far better quality less than five years ago?"

As per reports, vanilla suppliers have allocated a set amount of vanilla for each client, based on past purchases, obtaining the ingredient is growing more and more difficult.

Vanilla is considered as the foundation of the ice-cream industry and of other confectioneries and drinks. Vanilla can also be found in wafers, pipe tobacco and even in perfume.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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