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Today In Tesla: Unfair Labor Alleged, Hyperloop Speed Record


The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) and is investigating the company for engaging in unfair labor practices.

The electric car maker has been accused of allegedly intimidating and harassing employees from freely exercising their rights to engage in concerted and union activity.

Some employees at Tesla's auto plant in Fremont, California are reportedly working with the United Auto Workers for almost a year to form a union, a move that is opposed by Tesla.

The workers' complaints were filed with the NLRB in April and are related to a series of events between November 2016 and March 2017.

According to NLRB documents, Tesla violated the National Labor Relations Act or NLRA by intimidating, creating the appearance of surveillance and conducting surveillance on the employees for their union activities.

The union activities include passing out literature regarding union organization efforts, working conditions, the confidentiality agreement and employees' rights under the NLRA.

Tesla allegedly instructed the employees that they were not allowed to pass out any literature unless it was pre-approved by the company.

However, Tesla denied the allegations, saying they were "entirely without merit," and that it will be responding as part of the NLRB process.

A hearing on the NLRB complaint will be held on November 14 in Oakland, California.

Meanwhile, a "pusher pod" of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk's space transport company SpaceX helped some students get their pods going at SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod student competition recently.

The pusher pod helped the winning student team WARR hit 201 miles per hour on the 0.77 mile-long SpaceX Hyperloop test track.

According to an Instagram post by Musk, Tesla itself beat the record later after its pusher pod hit a new speed of 220 miles per hour on the same track.

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