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Burger Flipping Robot Flippy Getting First Gig


Burger flipping robot "Flippy" is the new attraction at Caliburger restaurant at its Pasadena location. Basically Flippy is an industrial robotic arm replacing clasping claw with a spinning spatula.

The restaurant chain is planning to assign robots for burger flipping at its other branches also and has ordered a few. The restaurant itself was an investor for the startup that created Flippy, and hence, it would enjoy six month's exclusive period.

Miso Robotics are behind the creation of Flippy robotic kitchen assistant. Artificial intelligence and automation are the focus of the company.

The robot senses row burger and cooked burger through color differentiation of it. It can flip burger patties on a hot grill and can track temperature and cook time. It can not wrap, apply cheese or sauce or add finishing top ups.

The price for the robo is around $60,000. The company said robots will help the quality and safety of restaurants without much redesign.

The startup is planning to partner with Kitchen United also.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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