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Mishap #3: Landing At SFO Is Frightening


The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is investigating a latest close call at the San Francisco International Airport, in which an Aeromexico passenger jet nearly landed on a wrong runway on Tuesday.

In the third close call in six months at the busy airport, the pilots of the Aeromexico flight were ordered to abort the landing, just hundreds of feet from landing on top of another commercial airliner.

According to FAA officials, Aeromexico Flight 668 from Mexico City had been cleared to land Tuesday, but was lined up for a runway occupied by a Virgin America Airbus A320 jet waiting to take off for Kona, Hawaii.

The air traffic controllers noticed the wrong lineup when the aircraft was around a mile from the airport and was told the Aeromexico Boeing 737 jet to circle around. On its second approach, the flight landed safely.

Ian Gregor, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, said that crew on the Aeromexico jet were "cleared to land on Runway 28R, and correctly read back that clearance. When the plane was about a mile from the airport, air traffic controllers noticed the aircraft was lined up for Runway 28L and instructed the crew to execute a missed approach."

The air traffic controllers are said to have done a very good job, sending the Aeromexico flight around.

It was the third known close call at SFO since July. The FAA has opened an investigation to know how this keeps happening in San Francisco.

As per reports, many pilots say that it is notoriously difficult to land at SFO airport with runways close together.

In July, an Air Canada jet flew as low as 59 feet over four other planes awaiting takeoff after the pilots mistook the taxiway for the runway next to it. This had prompted FAA to issue new rules for nighttime landings and control tower staffing at the airport.

In October, an Air Canada flight landed on one runway despite repeated warnings to abort as a controller believed another airplane was yet to leave.

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