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Vince Gill Defends Grammys


Vince Gill is defending the Grammys amidst criticism that female artists were underrepresented at this year's Grammy Awards.

"I look at it kind of trying to see the whole field, you know. And I think the Grammys will go on and the country artists will feel slighted. Or maybe the classical people will feel slighted," Gill said. "It's impossible to pull something off like that and not leave a few people by the wayside."

He spoke before a benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame in New York where he shared the stage with Emmylou Harris, Maren Morris, and Kesha. "You're looking at three really ope- minded musical people. We don't care about genres, of color of skin, or gender, or anything. We just love playing music with great people and that's all," he said.

The Recording Academy came under fire recently for not having Album of the Year award winner Lorde perform at the 2018 Grammys and also only having two women win televised awards.

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