Donaldtrump2-110916.jpg Following his surprise victory in the race for the White House, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump promised to deal fairly with every other country and seek common ground, not hostility. Addressing Republican supporters at his campaign headquarters In New York after crossing the 270 electoral votes mark after midnight, Trump sought to provide reassurance about what his presidency will mean for the world.
DonaldTrump3-110816.jpg Business mogul Donald J. Trump admitted that he had a narrow path to winning the 2016 presidential election - but he threaded it on Tuesday by winning almost all of the critical swing states to all but lock up victory over Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hammering away at the trade policies...
Trump-Clinton-101016.jpg Donald Trump doubled down on his rhetoric about the presidential election being rigged, suggesting Wednesday evening that he would not commit to accepting the election results in less than three weeks. Squaring off against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the final presidential debate...