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Updated at 4/22/2018 12:06:27 PM UTC
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Taiwan Bitcoin Regulation By November

The government of Taiwan will introduce regulations on the country's bitcoin market under anti-money laundering (AML) rules by November. A legal framework to control cryptocurrencies will be finalized before the visit of the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering in November, Taiwan Central News Agency quoted the country's justice minister Chiu Tai-san as saying at an anti-money laundering event
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Cryptocurrency Tutorial

shill-042018.jpg Often one comes across the term "SHILL" in crypto forums. To SHILL a coin or SHILLING means to promote it by providing misinformation with the hope of boosting the price. Usually this is done by someone who holds the coin and wants its price to appreciate.

cryptocurrencyexchanges3-041218.jpg Cryptocurrency exchanges are a crucial player in the cryptosphere as they are key to supporting prices of different cryptocurrencies, disseminating information, and facilitating transactions in digital currencies through their platforms. They are often in news for both right and wrong reasons. Some have grown beyond trading and diversified into payment processors and crypto lending platforms.

Slideshow1-Bitcoin-062016-sm.jpg Bitcoin, once dismissed as something reserved for geeks and the cryptography enthusiasts, is back in the limelight, as the price of the cryptocurrency appreciated in recent weeks.