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Swiss Stocks Little Changed Before Fed, Scotland

Swiss stocks nudged a bit higher Tuesday, slightly outperforming other European markets ahead of a flurry of key ....

Swiss Stocks Steady, Led By Drug Makers

Swiss stocks saw little movement on Monday, weighed down by global economic jitters and renewed concerns about the situation ....

European Markets Set To Open Higher Before Fed Statement

The European markets are poised for a higher open on Wednesday, ahead of the much awaited policy statement from the Federal ....


Obama To Announce Military-Led Surge In Ebola Aid

President Barack Obama is scheduled to travel to the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in ....

Senate Republicans Once Again Filibuster Paycheck Fairness Act

Senate Republicans once again voted Monday to block a Democratic bill aimed at narrowing the national gender wage gap. The ....

Most Americans Lack Confidence In Obama's Plan To Destroy ISIS

While most Americans support President Barack Obama's decision to take action against the terrorist group ISIS, the results ....

U.S. Producer Prices Unchanged In August, Matching Estimates

After reporting a modest uptick in U.S. producer prices in the previous month, the Labor Department released a report on ....

New York Manufacturing Index Jumps Much More Than Expected In September

Business activity in the New York manufacturing sector has expanded at a robust pace in the month of September, according to ....

U.S. Producer Prices Unchanged In August Amid Lower Food, Energy Prices

After reporting a modest uptick in U.S. producer prices in the previous month, the Labor Department released a report on ....

China's Central Bank Pumps $81 Bln Into Big Banks: Reports

China's central bank is providing stimulus to the country's largest lenders to boost liquidity amid slowing growth, media ....

Thai Central Bank Keeps Rate Steady As Expected

Thailand's central bank on Wednesday decided to leave its key rate unchanged as widely expected by economists as the current ....

S. Korea To Continue Expansionary Policy To Produce Tangible Results: FinMin

South Korea will implement expansionary macroeconomic policies until they produce tangible results, Finance Minister Choi ....


Optimism About Fed Statement Leads To Rally On Wall Street - U.S. Commentary

Stocks moved notably higher over the course of the trading day on Tuesday after recovering from an initial move to the ....

Stocks Moving Mostly Higher In Mid-Day Trading - U.S. Commentary

After recovering from an initial move to the downside, stocks have moved mostly higher over the course of the trading day on ....

Stocks Nearly Flat After Recovering From Initial Drop - U.S. Commentary

Stocks moved to the downside at the start of trading on Tuesday but have shown a notable rebound since then. The major ....



Indian Stocks Likely To Open Higher

Indian stocks are likely to open higher on Wednesday, on bargain hunting following recent losses and tracking ....

Japanese Market Trades Modestly Higher

The Japanese stock market opened on a bright note Wednesday, tracking positive cues from Wall Street where the ....

Australian Market Falters After Positive Start

After opening on a positive note on Wall Street cues, the Australian stock market faltered Wednesday morning, ....

Singapore NODX Recovers More Than Expected In August

Singapore's non-oil domestic exports (NODX) rebounded in August, exceeding the consensus estimate, a report from the International Enterprise Singapore showed Wednesday. NODX recovered by 6 percent year-over-year in August following the 3.3 percent drop in July. This was faster than the 2.5 percent growth expected by economists. This was ....

New Zealand Has NZ$2.0 Billion Current Account Deficit

New Zealand posted a seasonally adjusted current account deficit of NZ$2.0 billion in the second quarter of 2014, Statistics New Zealand said on Wednesday. That followed the downwardly revised NZ$0.6 billion shortfall (originally a surplus of NZ$1.407 billion). "The value of goods exports fell over a range of commodities, with dairy the most ....

Dollar Pulls Back As Focus Shifts To Fed

The dollar wavered Tuesday, giving back some of its strong recent gains against European rivals ahead of a crucial monetary policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is expected to end a two-day meeting tomorrow with a vote to further trim its quantitative easing program while keeping interest rates near zero. Traders will be ....

Eurozone Aug Inflation Stable At 0.4%

Eurozone inflation remained stable at 0.4 percent in August, final data from Eurostat showed Wednesday. Monthly inflation was ....

U.K. Jobless Rate Lowest Since Late 2008; Jobless Claims Fall

The U.K. unemployment rate continued to fall in July, to the lowest since late 2008, data from the Office for National ....

BoE Split 7-2 On Rates, Unanimous On QE

Policymakers of Bank of England split on rate decision again in September as two members preferred a quarter point rate ....

Treasuries Close Nearly Flat Ahead Of Fed's Policy Announcement

Treasuries saw considerable volatility over the course of the trading day on Tuesday before ending the day ....

Treasuries Move Modestly Higher Following Recent Weakness

Following the sell-off seen last Friday, treasuries showed a modest move back to the upside during trading on ....

Economic Calendar

DateTime Economic Indicator PeriodActualForecastPreviousCountry 
9/17/1400:00 Current Account Balance - BoPQ2  € 20.66 BNetherland  
9/17/1400:00 Financial Account Balance - BoPQ2  € -19.91 BNetherland  
9/17/1400:00 Monetary Policy Meeting-  -South Africa  
9/17/1400:00 Monetary Policy Meeting-  -Thailand  
9/17/1400:00 ExportsAUGSGD 42.85 B SGD 43.68 BSingapore  
9/17/1400:00 Trade BalanceAUGSGD 6.8 B SGD 4.1 BSingapore  
9/17/1400:00 ImportsAUGSGD 36.05 B SGD 39.59 BSingapore  
9/17/1400:00 Trade BalanceJUL  € -2.01 BSpain  
9/17/1400:00 ExportsJUL  € 21.17 BSpain  
9/17/1400:00 ImportsJUL  € 23.18 BSpain  
9/17/1400:00 Monetary Policy Meeting-  -Eurozone  
9/17/1403:00 CPI - EU Harmonised (M-o-M)AUG -0.2 %  -0.2 %Slovakia  
9/17/1403:00 CPI - EU Harmonised (Y-o-Y)AUG -0.2 %  -0.2 %Slovakia  
9/17/1403:00 CPI (M-o-M)AUG 0.0 %  -0.5 %Austria  
9/17/1403:00 CPI (Y-o-Y)AUG 1.7 %  1.8 %Austria  
9/17/1403:00 CPI - EU Harmonised (M-o-M)AUG 0.0 %  -0.7 %Austria  
9/17/1403:00 CPI - EU Harmonised (Y-o-Y)AUG 1.5 %  1.7 %Austria  
9/17/1403:15 Interest Rate Decision- 2.00 % 2 % 2.00 %Thailand News 
9/17/1403:30 Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes-  -Sweden  
9/17/1404:00 ExportsJUN€ 32.55 B € 33.10 (R) BItaly  
9/17/1404:00 ImportsJUN€ 29.73 B € 30.50 (R) BItaly  
9/17/1404:00 Trade BalanceJUN€ 2.82 B€ 3.62 B€ 2.60 (R) BItaly  
9/17/1404:00 Trade Balance - Non EUJUN€ 1.86 B € 1.56 (R) BItaly  
9/17/1404:00 Trade Balance EUJUN€ 0.96 B € 1.04 (R) BItaly  
9/17/1404:00 CB Coincidence IndexJUL 0.1 %  0.0 (R) %Spain  
9/17/1404:00 CB Leading IndexJUL 0.3 %  0.6 (R) %Spain  
9/17/1404:00 CPI (Y-o-Y)AUG 6.4 % 6.35 % 6.3 %South Africa  
9/17/1404:00 CPI (M-o-M)AUG 0.4 % 0.35 % 0.8 %South Africa  
9/17/1404:30 Jobless Claims ChangeAUG -37.2 K -25 K -37.4 (R) KUK News 
9/17/1404:30 Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes-  -UK News 
9/17/1404:30 Avg Earnings ex bonus (3M-o-Y)JUL 0.7 % 0.75 % 0.7 (R) %UK  
9/17/1404:30 Avg Earnings Inc bonus (3M-o-Y)JUL 0.6 % 0.48 % -0.1 (R) %UK  
9/17/1404:30 ILO Unemployment RateJUL 6.2 % 6.32 % 6.4 %UK  
9/17/1404:30 Claimant Count RateAUG 2.9 % 3 % 3.0 %UK  
9/17/1405:00 ZEW Survey (Expectations)SEP -7.7   2.5 Switzerland  
9/17/1405:00 CPI (M-o-M)AUG 0.1 % -0.3 % -0.7 %Eurozone  
9/17/1405:00 CPI (Y-o-Y)AUG 0.4 % 0.32 % 0.4 %Eurozone News 
9/17/1405:00 Core CPI (M-o-M)AUG 0.3 %  -0.8 %Eurozone  
9/17/1405:00 Core CPI (Y-o-Y)AUG 0.9 % 0.9 % 0.8 %Eurozone  
9/17/1405:00 CPI (M-o-M)AUG 0.2 % 0.1 % 0.1 %Malaysia