Nintendo-Gamevice-081117.jpgNintendo Co. Ltd. has been sued by Gamevice, a U.S. mobile gaming accessory maker, for alleged patent infringement. California-based Gamevice makes add-on video game controllers for tablets and smartphones. The company has filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Central District of California.
Toyota-FastCharging-072517.jpgToyota is working on developing an electric car with a fast charging battery, the Chunichi Shimbun reported on Tuesday.

On-demand alcohol delivery company Saucey managed to raise $5.4 million in series A funding. The funding led by Bullpen Capital was supported by Blumberg Capital, Structure Capital, as well as HashtagOne.


Apple is reportedly planning to use front-facing 3D sensors and retinal scanning in place of fingerprint scanning and touch id for its latest iPhone 8. The new phone is expected to arrive in the market later this year.


Facebook's solar powered high altitude unmanned aircraft Acquila has completed its second full-scale test flight. In its first test flight, Acquila met with some damages to its right wing as it flew into higher than expected wind conditions. In its second test, the flight with no traditional landing gear flew one hour 46 minutes and landed safely.


Social media app Snapchat has introduced a new location service, Snap Map, that will allow users of the app to see the location of all their friends on a map. The new feature will essentially allow a user to see where his friends are hanging out and what they are up to and also share his own location with friends in real time.


Netflix Inc. is allowing viewers to shape the narratives of stories they are watching by launching its first interactive episodes. In each interactive title, the viewer can make choices for the characters, shaping the story as they go. The new episodes will give viewers about half a dozen decision points throughout the length of the episode.

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