samsung-3GSmartwatch-082914.jpgSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd., looking to cement its hold in the nascent wearables market, recently unveiled its latest smartwatch - its sixth wearable this year, including one with a 3G modem. The smartwatch, which features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity like its counterparts, sports a 2-inch curved...


A new study suggests that people don't find Facebook and Twitter to be open, democratic forums for airing their opinions, especially if the users hold minority views on controversial issues. Researchers from the Pew Center surveyed 1,801 persons, more than half them social media users, chiefly on...


Apple is set to begin producing its largest ever iPad in the first quarter of next year. Sources tell Bloomberg that the Cupertino based company has designed a device, the iPad Pro, with a screen measuring 12.9 inches - a significant increase from its current devices, the iPad Air and Mini, which measure 9.7 and 7.9 inches.


Xiaomi Corp, the smart phone maker that outsmarted Samsung and Apple premium brands in China, is all set to establish a toehold in India, on a wider plan to conquer other parts of the globe. The decision of the Chinese smart phone maker to establish research and development division in Bangalore is vital as India, along with China and Brazil would account for one third of smart phones users by 201

chinacoal-solarplant-082714.jpgChina's coal consumption has decreased for the first time in the 21st century. According to an analysis by Greenpeace International, the decrease came even as the nation's gross domestic product [GDP] grew.

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