Online retail giant Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) announced a partnership with the UK Government to explore the steps needed to make the delivery of parcels by small drones a reality, allowing Amazon to trial new methods of testing its delivery systems. A cross-Government team supported by the UK Civil Aviation...
ElectricCars-072216.jpgThe White House has announced new initiative to fight climate change, curb usage of fossil fuels and increase access to clean energy by pushing the use of electric vehicles. The Obama administration announced a series of actions from the Federal government, private sector, and states, as well as...

Google maps will be more easy to use with its latest update. Traffic information will be more visible with its new cleaner look.


Facebook Live users can now broadcast video for up to four hours. Since its re-launch last year, the maximum extend of broadcast was two hours. Facebook Live has video only mode that can help hide reactions and comments during a broadcast. If required user can bring back the reactions and comments....


Nintendo is really feeling the magical spell of its newly launched mobile phone game Pokemon GO as its shares surged around 14 percent on Tuesday, while market capitalization doubled to 4.5 trillion yen or $42.5 billion, surpassing its rival Sony's market cap of around $38 billion.


Microsoft Corp. has admitted that it will not meet its target of one billion active users of Windows 10 by June 2018 and that it will take longer to reach that goal. The software giant said that due to the focusing of its phone hardware business, it would not be able to hit the milestone by mid-2018.


T-Mobile is treating customers to unlimited mobile data for Pokemon Go along with several other discounts related to the game.

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