panasonic-121614.jpg LG has announced plans to move forward with their LCD TV technology and will soon offer a 4K model using quantum dots. The manufacturer already offers LCD screens in both UHD and OLED models and the new 4K will sit at a price point between the two.


Microsoft has brought an end to their browser choice web screen, which offered new Windows users various web browsing applications. The PC maker was ordered to create the screen, hosted at, as part of a 2009 antitrust suit in the UK but now that requirement has expired.

Uber is vowing to step up security measures after sexual assault charges were recently filed against one of their drivers. A Boston driver for the company allegedly kidnapped and raped a rider earlier this month and the company has called the incident a "despicable crime."


Apple's iPhone-based Apple Pay system is gaining momentum nationwide with a host of new banks and retailers signing on. The system allows users to link a credit card directly to their device for payments and Apple now says they have deals with banks that account for 90 percent of the debit card transactions in the US.

tesla-cars-121714.jpgThe current drop in fuel prices could lead to a major sales dip for electric automaker Tesla, according to some industry experts. The Elon Musk led manufacturer had predicted sales of over 500,000 new vehicles by 2020, but now that number could fall by as much as 40 percent.

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