Starwars-Battlefront-102914.jpgElectronic Arts has announced that Star Wars: Battlefront is slated to hit in during the 2015 holiday season. EA, which is working with Swedish developer DICE on the project, announced the news in a tweet: "May the Force be with you: Star Wars Battlefront will release for Holiday 2015."


Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out as gay. In an op-ed published by Bloomberg Thursday, Cook said his sexuality is "among the greatest gifts God has given me." Cook, who has been leading Apple since just before founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, had not publicly acknowledged that he was gay until...


Both Rite Aid and CVS stores have discontinued use of the Apple Pay mobile payment feature after only a week. Thus far neither retail giant has offered an explanation for cutting ties with Apple's mobile wallet service, but the move may indicate that both pharmacies may be prepping a competing payment service.


Google's new email feature, dubbed "Inbox," wants to merge all the annoying utilitarian stuff such as to-do lists and reminders into your email app, and get them out of the way more easily so that you can focus on the more important stuff. Email, a mode of communication that a ton of tech companies...

A California judge has dismissed a lawsuit from former Panamanian leader Manuel Noreiga, claiming that the Call of Duty video game damaged his reputation.

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