Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony Corp. (SON.L, SNE) said that it has sold more than 6.2 million units of the PlayStation 4 or PS4 video game console worldwide during the 2016 holiday season. The holiday season sales figures are based on retail sales data collected between November 20, 2016...
FaradayFuture-010417.jpgElectric vehicle start-up Faraday Future on Tuesday unveiled the "FF 91" luxury electric SUV at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show or CES in Las Vegas. The company, backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, said that production of the vehicle is planned to start in 2018.

LinkedIn will not be accessible in Russia as the State Government have asked to remove the app from the app stores. The move is to comply with a court decision in November that directed all personal data of Russian citizens to be housed in servers located in Russia. As per the directions from the Russian government, Google and Apple have removed the access to the LinkedIn App.


Annual pay for Apple CEO Tim Cook was reduced by 14.9 percent to 8.75 million in the latest fiscal. In 2015, he has received 10.28 million, with 11.5 percent increase from the previous year.


Cell phone coverage in all New York City underground subway stations will be available by Monday, January 9, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. Wi-Fi service has already been installed in these underground stations by the end of 2016, a full two years ahead of schedule.


Now you can use a smart camera to assess the quality and shelf-life of food in your refrigerator. The smart FridgeCam is showcased by Smarter, a self funded company in UK, at the CES 2017 big trade show in Las Vegas.


AT&T Wednesday announced 5G Evolution to offer ultra-fast internet access to its customers. The company expects that the greater speed of 5G would support overall network performance for video, the Internet of Things, 4K video, augmented and virtual reality, smart home and cities, autonomous vehicles and such things.

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