BlackBerry-ceo-john-chen-031518.jpgBlackBerry has extended the term of its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman John Chen through 2023. He has been heading the company for the last five years. Chen joined BlackBerry when the smartphone pioneer was going through a troubled time. He was focused on overhauling with a special focus on diversification. BlackBerry, the former leader in the smartphone space, is now into auto m
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SouthAustralia-Tesla-020518.jpgFollowing the installation of world's largest battery, supplying energy to 30,000 homes, the South Australia government is planning to create world's largest virtual power plant.
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PayPal, a global online and mobile payment processing company, is exploring how to make cryptocurrency payments faster. The company has sought a patent for a new method that largely relies on transferring private keys, which are codes made with numbers and letters that are used for cryptocurrency transactions, from a buyer to a seller, an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office showed


If you are not an Apple employee, you will never get a chance to experience Apple Park, the new $5 billion headquarters of the technology giant. Confirming Apple's policy to restrict outsiders, including its stakeholders, to the campus CEO Tim Cook said, "There is a lot of confidential information inside the building." He was replying to investors' queries at the annual meeting at the new Steve


T-Mobile confirmed a phone number port-out scam and warned their customers to add more security to their account.

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