smartphones-092914.jpgAccording to a recent study reportedly published online in Nature Communications, a new technology has been developed to provide longer battery life for smart phones, tabs and laptops. Usually day-to-day usage of our smart phones consumes a lot of energy and the battery drains within few hours as we...


Ello, which began accepting users in August, is now seeing a tremendous upsurge in popularity after Facebook refused to change its long-established policy requiring real names following requests from drag performers. Ello describes itself as a social network that does not allow advertising, and does...


The myth of investing and stock trading being the monopoly of the rich and the old is past. The revolutionary trading app Robinhood has conquered the hearts of new generation investors, with around half a million people already signing up for the service. Aimed to make the process of stock trading much...


Blackberry has announced its Passport device is available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France and Germany, and will be available in 30 more countries by the end of the year. The Passport is so named because it is the size of an actual passport, which the company calls "the international symbol of mobility."

BurlingtonVermont-092514.jpgBurlington, Vermont, the largest city in the state, now gets 100% of its electricity from renewable sources like wind, water and biomass. The city, population 42,000, is powered largely by a 7.4 MW hydroelectric facility on its Winooski River.

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