Google will be putting to rest its first ever social network, Orkut, which failed to capture the popular imagination in U.S. as it did in countries like India and Brazil. In early 2004, when Google was looking to enter the social networking business and its $30 million bid for Friendster had been...
Phablet-072914.jpgPhablet, a cute blend of smart phone and a tablet, is showing magnificent growth in market share in the recent quarters. Sales surveys project that phablet market will explode in next years and total shipment will exceed 120 million by 2018, from a mere 20 million in 2013.


You're definitely going to like FB's  new  "save" button, which the social media giant has introduced as a feature for iOS, Android and the web. Not many of us have the time to explore many interesting links which could in time be pushed down among the crowded posts, and lost. No doubt, it is an arduous...


BlackBerry has acquired Secusmart, a German mobile security company. Secusmart specializes in high-security voice and data encryption solutions for governments, and telecommunications service providers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Manything, an IFTTT channel, allows users to turn an iPhone, iPad or iPod into a security camera. The app can be placed in a home and turned on via motion detector, streaming live footage to a remote console.

pluginprius-072814.jpg Toyota will offer wireless charging on its next generation Prius Plug In. The vehicle, due in the fall of 2016, offers the wireless service from the Massachusetts-based firm WiTricity.

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