kids-xbox-112514.jpgReps from the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation teams have come forward to deny claims that they were hacked by the group who call themselves DerpTrolling. The hacker group came forward last week claiming that they had hacked various gaming systems acquiring user information and credit card numbers for thousands of users.

Amazon is keeping a tight lid on plans for their new ad-supported streaming video service. The company has previously denied any plans for a free version of the Prime Instant Video collection, but has now eased its position, stating that they merely have no new information on the project.


Rumors are swirling about possible management changes at Samsung following a year that saw the company's profits dip and stock prices fall. Questions have arisen about the future role of both of the company's co-CEOs, J.K Shin and B.K. Yoon.


Apple could be set to enjoy record high sales figures in the final quarter this year, as analysts are predicting heavy demand for the company's flagship iPhone 6 smartphone. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI, predicts that Apple could move as many a 71.5 million iPhones this holiday season.

audi-electric-car-112514.jpg Audi has confirmed that they are still on track to bring a family-sized electric car to the marketplace by 2017. It is the second electric car in the work from Audi whose R8 e-tron sports car has been green lit and then shelved several times in the last year.

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