Google will be putting to rest its first ever social network, Orkut, which failed to capture the popular imagination in U.S. as it did in countries like India and Brazil. In early 2004, when Google was looking to enter the social networking business and its $30 million bid for Friendster had been...
nvidiashieldtablet-072214.jpg Nvidia has confirmed the details of its new video gaming specific Shield Tablet. The Shield tablet is the next generation of the Nvidia Shield, which had the aim of combining already available tablets with gaming consoles.


The release of Twitter's workforce diversity numbers reveal that it is run primarily by white males. Overall the company is split 70/30 in favor of men, while its tech sector is split 90/10 and its leadership sector split 79/21.


Social networking giant Facebook, Inc. said Wednesday after the markets closed that its second quarter profit more than doubled from last year, as revenue surged 61% amid strong growth in mobile advertising. The company's quarterly earnings per share, excluding items, also came in above analysts' expectations as did its quarterly revenue.


Apple Inc. said Tuesday after the markets closed that its third quarter profit rose 12% from last year, as sales surged and margins improved amid strong sales of its iPhones and Mac computers. The company's quarterly earnings per share also came in above analysts' expectations, but its quarterly sales fell short of analysts' forecast.

Teslamotors-072214.jpg Tesla Motors has confirmed plans to a new low-cost sedan in the $35,000 range. The new Tesla Model 3 will come it at a price point comparable to a fully loaded Toyota Prius, which lists on the Toyota website for $34,700, according to CBS News.

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