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A small idea in 2008, evolved into a research service after two-years of pilot run, to help investors identify growth stocks that are overlooked by the market and value stocks that are undervalued.

The service - "RTT Growth & Value Stocks" is a disciplined investing approach that involves extensive analysis. Several rounds of evaluation, elimination and meticulous research help our research staff handpick the few undervalued and overlooked stocks we publish every month. This process saves our subscribers the grueling task of sifting through mounds of information and countless hours of research.

The analysis involves in-depth research on company regulatory filings, income statements, balance sheets, forecasts, product pipelines, historical and projected growth trends, and much more. Technical analysis provides key support/resistance levels, stock trends, chart patterns and other key indicators.

We are into our fourth year now, and the story keeps getting better and better. We thank our subscribers for their wonderful support all these years. Take a look at our Complete Performance.

Top Performers
Pub. DateCompany% Gain
05/23/2012 QIHU + 528.38
03/06/2012 NQ + 218.18
11/26/2013 VIPS + 216.30
08/21/2012 USNA + 163.39
07/26/2012 STC + 126.55
10/07/2014 *** + 123.66
05/30/2013 TRLA + 121.38
08/20/2012 AL + 100.89
05/23/2013 TNGO + 81.39
08/29/2013 MEI + 72.79

May 23, 2013, we identified TNGO, a Business asset management software firm, when the company signed an Agreement with SAP AG...

Investors booked a profit of 71%, four months after it was featured on "RTT Growth & Value Stocks".

Excerpts from our TNGO research report

"The stock comes on our radar, after announcing a software development cooperation agreement with SAP and issuing rosy outlook for Q2 and FY13

Investment Highlights

- Strong history of revenue growth

- Managing $24.7 Bln in annual communications spend

- Patented, on-demand technology

- Comprehensive ROI-driven solution

- Loyal Blue-chip Enterprise Customer base"

Take a look at some of our very recent gainers :

* Trulia, Inc. which returned a maximum gain of 73% in 79 trading days - We chose this online real estate marketplace, after it announced the acquisition of Market Leader. The company also has a strong history of revenue growth.
* Tangoe, Inc. with a maximum gain of 71% in 88 days 
*  Mercadolibre, Inc. up 67%

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We are equally proud of sharing with you our triple-digit gainers... KOG, ASYS, ZAGG, INFA, BSDM, BODY, NXPI, GENE, PKT, CCIX, MOV, SCSS, ATRS, AKRX, SUSS, Z, CTHR, NQ, GV, QIHU, BLOX, STC...

We have more such interesting stories. Of course, we also have our share of decliners. Yet, the gainers have always significantly outranked the decliners. If you check our Complete Performance table, you will see that 86% of our stocks are gainers and 14% decliners.

The product is not a one-hit wonder. Returns from our picks have been consistent and have significantly outperformed the broader market indices. Take a look at our Complete Performance.

Since we went live in 2010, until October 2, 2013 our stocks have returned an average 60%.

Returns No. of stocks
>=500% 1
200% - 500% 6
100% - 200% 15
50% - 100% 23
25% - 50% 20
10% - 25% 21

"Overall, 24% of our positive stocks are triple-digit gainers, and 70% double-digit gainers."  

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Subscribers will receive clear and concise research reports, backed by in-depth fundamental and technical analysis, as well as current news that can impact the particular stock and/or the sector/industry.

With your subscription you will receive 
*  Up to 4 NEW stock research reports a month
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*  Technical and Fundamental alerts on existing stocks
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Then, there's MELI...our find on Feb 28, 2013.

Extracts from the MELI research report

"This e-commerce company has been steadfastly growing its topline since 2003. It comes on our radar on strong quarterly results, reflecting solid growth in each of its revenue streams.

Investment Highlights

- Diversified Business Model

- Strong & Sustainable Top Line Growth

- Healthy Margins

- Robust Balance Sheet

The stock price was $84.68 on Feb 28, 2013 - the time of publication. Recently, the stock touched a new 52-week high of $141.27on October 4, 2013, marking a gain of 67%. "

sample report

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